Locksmith Tools and Supplies


Trio Locksmith La Jolla boasts one of the most impressive selections of Locksmith Tools and Locksmith Supplies in the industry to ensure you stay stocked up to serve your customers. They specialize in up-to-date security hardware including tubular impression tools, stainless steel lock pick sets, drill bits, electronic with deadbolt locksets, practice keys and more.

Tubular Impression ToolAs a locksmith, you understand that a vital part of key impressioning it is to have a tool that securely holds the key head in place, while also providing enough leverage to get a good impression. The LT705 tubular impression tool offers stability and support with a sturdy, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy body, for precise key markings. It is compatible with 7-pin center tubular locks and the LT705 file.Pick SetsWhether your client is locked out of their residence or business, the 32 piece pick set contains all the right tools for the job including stainless steel key extractor, hooks, balls, rakes, diamonds, and tension wrenches all in one sophisticated leather zipped case. Other pick sets include credit card pick sets, picks and Jack knife sets, specialty pick sets and more. Professional ID is required for purchase.

Drill Bits

Drill bits are a must for performing more strenuous tasks such as entering hard steel locks. Drill bits are available in a variety of lengths including WL391 8mm x 200m, WL392 10mm X 200mm, WL392A 10mm x 300mm, WL394 13mm x 600mm and more.


When it comes to the security of a home, a strong lock system which is difficult to pick, is imperative. The Electronic Keypad with Deadbolt US15 provides tons of security with exciting security features such as keypad or manual entry, beeper sound when keying numbers, auto locking feature, LED illumination and more. Other locksets include deadbolts, Lake Tahoe Levertset, Commercial deadbolts, commercial knobs and more.

Practice Keys

Practice keys are the perfect tool for novice or experienced locksmiths looking to perfect their craft. The practice key lock is a cutaway lock that resembles a typical cylinder, but with a see through design, so you get a visual picture of the process going inside the lock. Practice keys are a great way to understand the process of how a lock works. It is the perfect tool for master keying, picking, lock pinning and shimming.

Trio Locksmith La Jolla is the one-stop-shop for all locksmith supplies including residential, commercial, automotive, education materials and more.

Towing More Than Capacity


When people are trying to tow a large object, they need to make sure they understand the capacity of their vehicle. Drivers can get assistance from captain-towing.com, or they can use a few tricks to tow large objects. These tricks make it easy for someone to get a towing job done when they have no other choice.

The Rating

When people are towing a large object, they need to make sure that they understand the rating for the tow vehicle. The tow vehicle has a rating that can be found in the user manual or the sticker on the inside of the driver’s side door. These ratings are the most important part of the vehicle. The manufacturer has carefully chosen the rating for the vehicle, and that rating cannot be ignored.

The Weight Differential

When someone is towing an item that is barely more than the weight rating for their vehicle, they can tow their item for a short period of time. When someone is towing only a few miles, they can likely get the towing job done. If the item needs to be towed much farther, it may be unwise to use the vehicle with the low rating.

Extra Hitches

The original hitch for the vehicle will allow people to tow items that meet the towing capacity for the vehicle. However, many vehicles that come with towing hitches also have extra hooks on the corners of the vehicle. These hooks can be used to provide extra support during towing. Also, these extra hitches will distribute the weight of a large vehicle or item. Using more than one hitch point will make it easy for people to tow above capacity in an extreme situation.

When people are trying to town an extremely heavy item, they need to turn to captain-towing.com for assistance. They can get a large item towed safely, or they can get assistance completing a tow job. The tips and tricks above allow people to tow above the capacity for their vehicle, and people can get towing done on their own without any extra help. in the most extreme situations, there is a way to get the object from one place to another.

Motorcycle Key Replacement


Beautiful Santa Clara is a perfect riding location for motorcycle enthusiasts, with it’s majestic scenery and accommodating climate. Yet during the off seasons or with rainy spells, a rider may find that they have misplaced a key and need to have it replaced. Or for the diehard biker that rides year -round they may find that their key has worn-out or broken off. There are occasions when a rider has simply taken a trip out to a remote country or mountainside location and they’ve been lost or dropped while out exploring the wilderness. Whatever the reason, sometimes a person just finds themselves in a situation where they are stranded without their keys.

There is no need to pay expensive dealership fees or have your motorcycle towed to a lock smith or dealership. You can have roadside professional lock smith service 24/7 from carlos-auto.com. Our professional locksmiths have the expertise to replace nearly every make and model of motorcycle and our technicians tote years of experience with ignition key replacement for both motorcycles and vehicles.

Most motorcycle lock smiths do not provide onsite assistance to your location, and will make you tow the bike to them. But with carlos-auto.com, we are on call 24/7 for roadside assistance, and will even be able to work on those tricky barrel style keys for your Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you have broken off your key in the ignition chamber, our expert lock smiths can perform and on the spot key extraction and create a new key whether you are stranded in a parking lot or at home, during the day or in the middle of the night. We can provide you with safe and reliable service because you will be with your motorcycle the entire type we perform the service.

It is important to have professionals who are bonded, licensed and insured. The professionals at Carlos Auto are all of the above and also courteous, friendly and respond quickly to your request for service. Sometimes making a duplicate motorcycle key is not an option, full key replacement is a solution we provide onsite based on professional coding standards quickly, efficiently, affordably and to your utmost satisfaction.

Bedroom door lock broken


One of the most essential spaces for privacy in a home, is the bedroom area. Often, a bedroom door lock will become damaged or broken with frequent use and can create a dangerous situation when occupants become trapped in their bedroom. Interior doors have a variety of locks from push-button styles to keyed door knobs, there are 3 invaluable tips for getting around a stuck, broken bedroom door lock, that will work every time and if not, check out this website.

Tips for opening a broken-lock bedroom door
From the interior, getting around a broken lock can mean removing the doorknob altogether. First try pushing and pulling hard on the door while turning the knob forcefully. Sometimes, a sticky latch can fail to latch completely into place, so forcefully turning the doorknob while simultaneously pushing and pulling the door will move everything correctly into place.

From the outside, specifically on push-button locks, a Flathead screwdriver can be inserted into the tiny hole in the center of a doorknob from the non-locked side. When a small screwdriver or similar tool is inserted, once twisted clockwise, the door lock will open. If altogether damaged or broken from the inside, occupants may need to unhinge the door by hammering the pins from the door hinges in order to escape.

Another strategy is from the interior locking side, homeowners will be able to visually see two screws. With a Phillips screwdriver, or similar tool, the screws can be removed and manually unlocked by separating the doorknob.

Types of interior door locks
Traditionally, there are also 3 types of interior door lock designs:

  • Push button with emergency release (the small center hole)
  • Latch locks; and
  • Key locks

Latch locks are a popular design for interior doors because they prevent the door from automatically locking behind anyone entering or leaving the room. Since interior locks are designed to minimize nuisance, they are not as securely designed as those intended for exterior home use.

Recognizing which locks are installed throughout a home or apartment is the best approach to knowing what to do in the event a bedroom door lock becomes broken. Homeowners and renters can stash a tool like a small screwdriver in various rooms throughout a home, for use in the event they need it to escape a broken lock situation. Finally, educating everyone in the household on what to do in such situations is both wise and effective.

Towing capacity chart

Towing capacity chart

If you have ever thought of buying a boat or a camper, then now is the time to start comparing prices. There are many options out there to choose from, but your search will be narrowed by your individual situation. The three main things to consider before you can buy anything to that may need to be towed are:
-The tow capacity of your vehicle.
-How often you intend to use your tow.
-How it will be stored.

The tow capacity for your vehicle can be found in your vehicle’s owner manual or on a towing capacity chart, which can be accessed through the internet. The tow capacity number will tell you how much weight your vehicle can safely carry. This is the most important information that you can arm yourself with when looking into purchasing any type of recreational contraption that needs to be towed. Towing something that is too heavy for your vehicle could result in major damage to your vehicle’s drivetrain, which will inevitably lead to you having to make a call to a company like Towing Austin Pros from the side of the road.

The frequency of use is an important factor in buying the correct trailer for your tow. Every piece of the trailer needs to be strong enough for you to safely transport your tow from place to place. Trailers vary in quality and construction, so if you intend on using the tow frequently while it is in season, then purchase the best trailer that you can afford. Know the difference between an aluminum trailer or a steel trailer because the corrosion or rust factor will come into play depending on how the trailer will be used. Salt water and fresh water will affect the metals differently, and over time the effects may become evident at an inconvenient time. Thereby bringing a company like Towing Austin Pros to the rescue once again.

The storage of your trailer and recreational tow is important because this will prolong the safe use of your equipment. The ideal situation is to have a garage or indoor facility where the trailer and tow can be stored. However, if it must be stored outside, then the entire item should be covered with a protective waterproof tarpaulin and the trailer should be parked on solid ground.

So, before you begin window shopping for you dream boat or camper, make sure that you start by checking the towing capacity chart and prep your storage space.